tlcontrib - supplementary TeX Live package repository

Welcome to TLContrib, a website that hosts contributed packages for TeX Live. It is hosted as part of

The packages on this site are not distributed inside TeX Live proper, for reasons including (but not limited to):

In short, anything related to TeX that cannot be in TeX Live but can still legally be distributed over the Internet can have a place in TLContrib.

The goal is to provide a companion to the core TeX Live (tlnet) distribution in much the same way as Debian's non-free tree is a companion to the normal Debian distribution. The goal is not to replace TeX Live: packages that can go into TeX Live itself should be added (or stay) there. TLContrib just tries to supplement the current distribution system.

Quick start

If you are running the current version of TeX Live, the following code will suffice:

  tlmgr repository add tlcontrib
  tlmgr pinning add tlcontrib "*"

In the future tlcontrib might provide releases for certain years.

To install one of the packages, use the normal

  tlmgr install PKG
and if you want to get (practically) all packages and automatically newly added packages, you can install collection-contrib which contains (practically) everything:
  tlmgr install collection-contrib


The packages are signed with my (Norbert Preining's) GnuPG RSA key: 0x6CACA448860CDC13. tlmgr will automatically verify authenticity if you add my key:

  curl -fsSL | tlmgr key add -
After that tlmgr will tell you about failed authentication of this repository.

Current set of packages

The current list of packages is: acmtrans acroflex acromemory acrosort acrotex acrotex-js adobecaslon aebenvelope aeb-minitoc aeb-mlink aeb-mobile aeb-pro aebslicing aeb-tilebg aebxmp annot-pro artthreads bargraph-js chemsym cjk-gs-integrate-macos classico cntdwn collection-contrib comicsans cowfont datepicker-pro digicap-pro docassembly dps ecards eq2db eqexam eq-fetchbbl eq-save fc-arith fetchbibpes fitr fldigigal fontsetup-nonfree futurans gandhi garamond garamondx getnonfreefonts graphicxsp hiraprop icon-appr imprintmtshadow japanese-otf-nonfree jj-game joy-of-tex lettergothic literaturnaya lmacs lsabon ltx4yt lucidabr lucida-otf lucold luxi mathstone mathtime-ltx mkstmpdad notocjksc notocondensed opacity-pro pcarl pdftex-dev pmdb popupmenu ptex-fontmaps-macos ptmsc qrcstamps rangen renditions richtext rmannot siam spark-otf-fonts thorshammer thsmc urw-arial verdana vntex-nonfree webomints.


Taco Hoekwater started this in 2010, but it hadn't seen much activity for some time. In 2018, Taco agreed to hand it over to Norbert Preining, who is currently maintaining the repository.

In contrast to the original tlcontrib page, we don't offer an automatic upload of packages or user registration. If you want to add packages here, see the next section.

Including packages in tlcontrib

If you want to see a package included here that cannot enter TeX Live proper, the following ways are possible (from most appreciated to least appreciated):

Git repository

The tlcontrib packages are kept in a git repository and the tlmgr repo is built from it after changes. The web interface is:

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